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SynchroChron LCD Files

LCD User's Guide

Specifications, segments, pinout, dimensions & electro-optical characteristics.SCLCD-USR.pdf771 KB

LCD Driver Firmware

The MSP430 display driver provides character- and integer-based interfaces for writing to the SynchroChron LCD.  The driver incorporates a 96 character font that includes upper and lower-case letters, numbers and punctuation characters. The driver supports steady and flashing characters and icons.  lcd.zip42 KB

LCD Demonstration Firmware

The MSP430 demonstration program uses the display driver to show many of the features of the SynchroChron LCD.  The demonstration program is designed to run on a modified SoftBaugh ES449 evaluation board. demo_lcd.zip95 KB

TrueType Font

SynchroChronLCD.TTF is a TrueType font representing the 14-segment alphanumeric font used in the display driver. This font is useful for writing documentation for SynchroChron LCD applications.lcd_font.zip8 KB

LED Data Sheet

Specifications and technical details for the low-power Kingbright LED used in the SynchroChron Backlight.SCLHO-DS.pdf97 KB